Digital Learning

Escape rooms, gamification, choice boards, playlists, and blended learning

Investigating the Crime of the Century

An extensive digital breakout immersing students in the infamous Lindbergh Kidnapping Case

Transport Things Cell Transport Adventure

The subject of cell transport has never been so creepy in this Stranger Things-themed breakout 

World War II: A Soldier’s Experience

Students immerse themselves in a soldier’s experience of WWII in both the European and Pacific theaters. Based on a true story. 



Selections from my @JamestheDLC YouTube channel

Tutorials in 5: Genially

A five-minute crash course on how to use Genially to create engaging interactive digital content

10 Classroom Uses for Padlet

A countdown-style video presenting 10 ideas for using collaborative Padlets in the classroom

Creating an Annotated Bibliography

This animated video, made for students, outlines the process of creating an MLA-formatted annotated bibliography